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At the foundation ACTUEMOS! we are dedicated to promote a social and cultural transformation that seeks to protect and defend human rights and especially rights related to gender and sexual orientation.

Our work is directed toward both rural and urban communities with a major focus on children and youth, the future of our worlds.

With events and workshops, we implement an educational model from the viewpoints of the arts, based on psychosocial and cultural work. In collaboration with local communities we try to understand and prevent conditions of violence.

We understand violence as both acts and structures that affect individuals in vulnerable positions.

In ACTUEMOS! we firmly believe that everyone has the obligation to act to improve the life of everyone else. In our efforts we do not recognize borders nor limits. Our planet harbors many worlds, every one of which with the right to be lived, as long as she allows the existence of others.

ACTUEMOS! is not affiliated to any political party or religion. However, we understand our work as political, improving and changing society, dreaming of a better and more equitable future for all.

The home of ACTUEMOS! is San Salvador, Dept. of San Salvador, El Salvador. However, our work reaches out to the whole of El Salvador and beyond.

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